More Snowy Goodness

Scene stealer: when the polar bear forcefully jumps up and down on the robot. I once exerted that same amount of energy trying to get a thigh high boot off after a long night of dancing at a concert. Unfortunately my foot was swollen and I had to sleep with that one boot on. Tragic tale really.

Anyway, enjoy the pbears!

Happy Holidays! And Happy blizzarding...

Love this video taken just a few days ago of the massive snowstorm that hit the Apple. I unfortunately was unable to get back on Sunday as scheduled but at least by the time I returned last night, most streets and sidewalks had been shoveled and cleared.


Grizwald Holiday Card

I used one from my 2010 holiday party collection this year (featured on top, without changed copy), and created an additional insert continuing the framed picture theme.


What's Next? Kay and White Stripes?

This is the worst pairing of all time. Congrats Black Keys, you've officially sold out..... to ZALES.


My Christmas Card

Starring..... me, the two rebeccas (kimmies on the maracas, crums on the geeetar) as well as sweetpea nuggets and kimmies' cat, chloe cricket. And yes, having double names for your cat more than ensures your lifetime membership to the crazy cat lady club for which I will be up for presidency sometime in the near future.

Enjoy! And Happy Holidays y'all!

Another Holiday Card in the works...


Tuesday Night with My One of My Favorite Memphians

Sweet Willy McHudsonville swung into town-- we hit up a Memphis Tigers game at Madison Square Gardens... and then relaxed with some cigars and wine at Hudson Bar and Books, tucked away in the west village. Happy Birthday big guy!

Baby, Fry Me Some Chicken and Take Out the Trash

I'm fairly certain the author and illustrator of this book series might be my long lost twin. Sister, I applaud you and air high-five you from nyc.

Sitting in her office in San Francisco, the 34-year-old author says she was frustrated by the dearth of educational children's books on the market.

"I had been reading all of these sappy board books," says Brown, who is mother to a 2 1/2-year-old, "and my son is learning how to say goodnight to the moon and pat a bunny, but nothing really interesting to me."

So Brown asked herself, what interests me? Cocktails! "Baby Mix Me a Drink" was born.

"They have really nice pleasing shapes and colors," she laughs, "and I thought, perfect, he can read about cocktails and I can enjoy cocktails."

The Big Apple

Adore these graphic representations of the city

Hey Girl...

So here's the rub. I'm sort of obsessed with Ryan Gosling. Not like Kathy Bates in Misery want to keep him chained to a bed kind of obsessed, but still-- it's bordering on uncomfortably scary. So naturally I'm an avid reader/lover of this blog in which random pics of him are posted with hilariously written little "hey girl" blurbs. Today, my head almost exploded from finding this recent clip of him READING those excerpts. It brought me the same level of euphoria typically experienced when I dunk Pastis fries in bearnaise sauce.

so naturally I had to go there...


Tis the Season

to help friends with their holiday party evites. The party schedule is starting to fill up fast. I need to go ahead and prep by buying advil in bulk.

Christmas Card for a Floridan Bound Lady

A Palm Beach chic design for Lauren. We even incorporated her signature orange birkin bag!

Annual Christmas Party

Am looking forward to going home for a full WEEK before christmas and kicking it with my fam as well as attending our annual friends' eggnog bash. I can't believe that it's been a 13 year tradition!


Private Eyes

They're watching youuuu. Two tickets last night to the ultimate guilty pleasure of the year- HALL AND OATES. Kimmies and I positively lost our minds singing along... especially when they belted out Rich Girl as part of their encore performance. It was so absurdly divine. Never before have I laughed during an entire concert... it was a sea of sequined and bedazzled suburban moms cutting loose for a night. And us.

Front Door Wreaths

Beautiful wreath designs-- I love the simplicity of color and construction. I still can't believe that Christmas is just around the corner...



Loving this Wallpaper fashion editorial featuring all draped Tiffany jewelry from different collections. Tres chic!


Your Much Needed Pick-me-up Nugget of The Day

I actually started to cry reading these. Because I can relate only TOO WELL. And because of peoples' reactions once the auto-correct bomb has been detonated

Holiday Party Warm Up

Headed to the Volstead tonight with coworkers to stretch our drinking arms and legs to prepare for next week's debauchery-filled holiday company party. We need all the practice we can get before being left next week unattended by an open bar for 5 hours. Help me rhonda help help me rhonda.

Winter Wonderland

Made out of cereal boxes, downloaded patterns and glitter. Click here to see how to create your own for the holidays.


More Holiday Work

I just LOVE this image of rebecca and jimmy for their christmas card, and have had fun working around it for their custom design this year.


All I Can Say is...

To a certain someone. This song says it all.

 Hall & Oates - You Make My Dreams .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine

What I Desperately Want For Christmas

So that I too can harass young men walking by as I cruise around in a convertible stuffed with frizz-haired friends.

"Hey good lookin'! Will be back to pick you up later!" Um, no you won't. Because I will have a warrant out for your arrest. Hope you, Mr. Microphone and Soap-on-a-Rope don't mind sharing a cell together

Perlman Music Foundation- 2011 Save the Date

After creating this past summer's invitation for the Perlman Foundation's event in the Hamptons, I have been once again tapped to produce their 2011 save the date for two amazing galas in the spring and summer. Hopefully this year I will be in town and able to attend! We decided to go with option number, which is a graphic play on environment-- sea shells for the hamptons, landmark buildings for nyc. I also changed up the format orientation, so that the tri-fold opens vertically instead of horizontally.


Christmas card design

I loved working with Catherine once again on her family's holiday card this year... She has such great taste (glamorous, preppy chic)... We landed on this fun design, and even came up with a simple geometric logo that she can use going forward for address labels and thank you notes.


Holiday designs featured

Click over to the English Paper Company blog to find easy ways to order invites for any upcoming holiday soiree needs.

New releases on their way

Publish Post

Make sure to check out lemontreepaperie.com in the next few weeks for new designs for 2011 spring and summer events.

Updated Askew Design Site

Will hopefully go live soon-- it's been a long time coming for a major overhaul of my old site... can't wait to get a web facelift!


Will Be Back to Posting Soon!

Have been working around the clock on numerous projects, as well as a new release of askew design cards. Will be a better blogger very, very soon.


What in the Don Draper do we have here...

The man is simply incapable of an unattractive "what" face. Even his incredulous "what" in which he slightly jerks back his head, as if he's taken a whiff of something putrid. Still sexy. Thank you god for creating such a perfect piece of eye candy for us ladies.

*double click on video to view it full screen on youtube.


Let them Eat Cake... and drink cheap booze

Halloween 2010-- with me as a very intoxicated Marie Antoinette.

One of my all time favorite songs

While listening to pandora today (in preparation for the Black Crowes concert this evening!)- this wonderful Pink Floyd nugget came on- a tune that I use to play on loop back in high school. And now I find it to have such different meaning... and it just seems so appropriate for this moment in time.

Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine


Halloween Costume

My mood board. It is all slowly coming together...


On Tap Tonight: Art Show in West Village

Here's hoping that they have the AC cranked high-- it's so unbelievably humid out, my hair practically needs its own zip code.

updated.... photos from the event


For Those Without Plans...

Come and say hello this saturday night at a last-minute pulled together party for those adults who dare to get all costumed up.


Effective Advertising

Right up the road from me. The gorgeous typography. The flawless alignment. The persuasive wording. Makes me want to shop there... probably.