A-List Friday Night

Young Kelly and I headed out on the town to meet up with old friends... and ended up having a very swankarific time. We started at L'Artusi, a little restaurant nestled in the west village that serves up some of the most delectable morsels... particularly the mushroom salad-- TDF. We were seated in their private room and were therefore able to get as boisterous and as loud as we wanted... which wasn't tough to do. When southerners and australians mix company, watch out. Lots of laughter and empty wine bottles.

From there we headed to the most exclusive club in NYC-- the boom boom room at the standard hotel. It is today's version of bungalow 8- very strict guest list, and next to impossible to get into. While the crowd was overly pretentious and stuffy, the views and the decor were stunning. The bathrooms all have floor to ceiling windows-- so as you sit on the toliet, you look out over the city (I took a pic of it).
But with an A-List night comes an A-List Hangover. Pajamas, aspirin and water to the rescue!