Baby, Fry Me Some Chicken and Take Out the Trash

I'm fairly certain the author and illustrator of this book series might be my long lost twin. Sister, I applaud you and air high-five you from nyc.

Sitting in her office in San Francisco, the 34-year-old author says she was frustrated by the dearth of educational children's books on the market.

"I had been reading all of these sappy board books," says Brown, who is mother to a 2 1/2-year-old, "and my son is learning how to say goodnight to the moon and pat a bunny, but nothing really interesting to me."

So Brown asked herself, what interests me? Cocktails! "Baby Mix Me a Drink" was born.

"They have really nice pleasing shapes and colors," she laughs, "and I thought, perfect, he can read about cocktails and I can enjoy cocktails."