"Precious Memories"

This little gem of a listing was stumbled upon by my crush, Scott:


Carton Of Irregular Cat Hats
Date: 2008-02-07, 11:01AM PST

Hello. I have a big box of used cat and kitten hats that I have collected over the years for various occasions. As of recently my cat, Snowman, is no longer living and thus I am forced to get rid of these precious memories. I would not feel right asking money for them so I am offering the whole box for free. There are many styles from formal to cute and funny.There is a variety of 14 different hats total. I just hope you and your pet can find as much joy in these hats as me and Snowman once did.
Thank you, Patty


I'm fairly certain Snowman is in a much better place now. His face in the first picture really says it all. *sidenote* I know those eyes. When I first met Evan,I was being horribly harrassed by some god-awful creep who wouldn't leave me alone. I spotted Evan and his friend at the end of the bar, and gave the best SOS eyes you've ever seen. It was a look of fear, confusion, urgency, and sheer situational desperation. Evan was my savior, The Grim Reaper was Snowman's.
And furthermore! Patty the Punisher really needs a short lesson on what constitutes "precious memories". These snapshots are not that. They seriously scare me more than the twins from The Shining. I will have nightmares about this. Like forever.