Turkey Time

Last Thursday night, the NYC alumni of St. Mary's got together. It was wonderful to see old classmates (Sigrid and Jessica)--- and to meet all the younger graduates (so bright-eyed and bushy-tailed). Impressively, out of our graduating class of 44 (people, not year, geesh), we have 5 SMS'ers in the city. Now if only we could create some sort of senior den-like haven for those days when we want to wear pajamas and binge-eat cookies. Maybe it could be a little apt somewhere in the city?

Oh, and did I mention that Virginia brought her precious little newborn peanut? She was tiny. So, so tiny. Like burritos from Chipotle are bigger than her. If she had a little honey mustard sauce on her, I might have mistaken her for a chicken nugget. THANKFULLY I did not.

*photo courtesy of Sigrid