Rennie's Baby Shower

On a rainy fall day, a crew of girls arrived at the Geoffroy abode on the upper west to fete Ren. Delicious food, catered by Sage, was nibbled on, while all gathered around to watch the unwrapping of adorable gifts for a certain baby boy, who is due to arrive in the near future.(sidenote: evan was desperate to get a super noisy truck-like gift for the tot, but I vetoed, immediately. you're welcome Ren and Jim)
The real show stopper of the day--- Amy and Marissa's AMAZING cookies. honestly-- I've never seen such gorgeous creations... and they tasted just as good as they looked (no small feat). I helped in setting up the candy bar and adorning the event with little fussy signage. and of course, no baby shower is complete without paper balloons, courtesy of Martha Stew.