Late Posting: Pics from the Cape

A hilarious picture book of my adventures in Cape Cod over the 4th. So much fun... so many lobster rolls. I had to go to the clinic for my addiction to them upon returning to NYC. I seriously O.D. y'all.

kid sister and I got a lit-tle too excited for our 4th plans and hit the bar car... HARD. Thank you Amtrax for enabling us!

The next morning, we awoke to the most amazing view with perfect weather.

The lady crew at Raw Bar... our home away from home. I kid you not when I tell you we had lobster rolls THREE times one day. At the same establishment. And we lived to tell it.

Below are my attempts at creating a very American themed photo shoot... think old school Tommy Hilfger/Ralph Lauren. Then add vodka sodas and watch said photo shoot unravel before your very eyes.

Jack and Carl. Carl's lobster pants made my year... They also reminded me that I had not had a bite of that sweet, sweet crustacean (within the last hour) and that I needed another lobster roll, stat.

The Rib Master

Let it be said that I too dance when I have a delicious homemade cookie in my hand.

Me on what was quite possibly the coldest car in the history of trains. Hyperthermia dotcom.