My First Bris

I have to admit, I was quite nervous to attend a party where the main event was watching a poor baby have its peter snipped. BUT... all my fears were assuaged upon arrival. Not only was the set-up gorgeous (a huge suite at the famed Waldrof Towers), there were glowingly proud family members chatting away, a well-versed rabbi who gave a beautiful speech about the history of the tradition of bris (which he infused with humor, which helped take the edge off of the crowd) and of course, loads of champagne and wine every turn you took. And although the baby shrieked for the first few minutes, he calmed down right back into a deep sleep almost immediately. And I, of course, touched by the beauty of the ceremony, shed a few tears. Evan and I doted on the baby later-- and marveled at the tininess of his fingernails, toes and ears— ears that evan said looked like little apricots. Congrats to the proud parents!