Our Big Night at the Opera

i Hatttttttte that I don't have better pictures to show-- unfortunately I've lost my camera battery all together, and therefore wasn't able to take the shots I wanted. I will say, what an incredible night. Evan rented a tinted window SUV (very celebrity-ish), so that when we arrived to walk down the red carpet, we actually had a ton of paparazzi take our picture. I completely expected to just walk the carpet with Ev unnoticed, but because the first photographer started shooting like a mad man, the rest followed suit. I was shaking from complete and utter nervousness. It was one of the most exhilarating experiences I've had to date. The final gown that I wore was Naam Khan-- a BEAUTIFUL hand beaded dress, picked from the mix at Bergdorfs.
Once we walked the red carpet, we entered the venue, and had an amazing view of all the celebs being shot on their way in... and of course, over champagne, decided to give our own commentary on their wardrobe choices. Move over Joan Rivers, there's a new sheriff in fashion town-- and his name is Evan Geoffroy.