Amazing Interview!

Posted by the incredible ladies over at PapersYouLove.com... If you haven't been to the site, please visit. It's SO worth your while. Here is the interview in its entirety:

Self described as a little bit Southern and a little bit Yankee, Sophie Askew and her stationery company, Askew Design, artfully collides a posh and contemporary style with all of the charm of Southern hospitality. Sophisticated without being stuffy, Sophie is a stand out in the stationery world. We spotted Askew Design at the National Stationery Show and were immediately hooked. Sophie’s hand-drawn illustrations and skilled typography provide a chique and fresh alternative to traditional invitations. Check out Askew Designs and you’ll undeniably agree that the invitations alone are reason enough to throw a smashing celebration.

PYL: How did you get into the business of designing stationery and invitations?
AD: Through a series of career missteps! I actually started out wanting to be an attorney, and worked in a law firm after college before attending law school. Thankfully I did– it opened my eyes to what the job really entailed. It was nothing near as glamorous as the actors on Ally McBeal made it seem to be. So I left that and started working at *gulp* a singles’ club. Don’t even get me started! It was almost like being a professional matchmaker. Very freaky experience overall, and so after a few months, I found myself wanting a new career. My roommate (and best friend) told me about a design school in Atlanta that was geared for design and advertising. I signed up, and 6 months later, moved to Atlanta to attend Portfolio Center. Best decision I ever made. Interestingly enough, while there, I was recruited by Hallmark. And while I turned down the job, I definitely started to really develop and grow a small card business on the side. And here we are today!

PYL: Where do you draw inspiration for your designs?
AD: I’m an avid reader of the internet… it is such a wealth of information and inspiration. I read a TON of design blogs…. designspongeonline.com is on my daily list. I also love to take pictures when I’m traveling of architecture and fashion.

PYL: What are the distinguishing characteristics of your line?
AD: I’m an illustrator… So I find that my illustrative graphics combined with patterns and typography really help to create a unique look.

PYL: Which is your favorite design from your collection?
AD: That’s a toughie! Depends on the day, really. I fall in and out of love with my designs quickly– I can truly be my own worst critic at times. Today, right now, I would have to say Shin Dig.

PYL: Which trends should we be watching for in the future?
AD: I think the biggest trend will come from a new printing process. As much as I love letterpress, it’s feeling a little overdone now– and the market is saturated with it. I think graphics created out of typography will be pretty hot in the next 6 months. In fact, I found this amazing scarf made out of type!!

PYL: What advice do you have for aspiring paper designers?
AD: Push the envelope! (intentional pun)

Our thanks to Sophie of Askew Design. We couldn’t be bigger fans…

This interview made my year. Thank you!